I love animals

My travel usually has an animal theme:

  • I visited an elephant sanctuary.
  • I swam with dolphins.
  • I was zookeeper for day.

I'm loyal

  • I'm a girls' girl. Men scare me a little. I always put my girlfriends first.
  • I'm a loyal friend. If you need a ride or die, I'm your gal. You'd really have to mess up for me to ever turn my back on you.

I love travel

I've been to:

  • 49 of our 50 great states
  • 23 countries (lived in England for a brief but magical period)

I'm a romantic

  • I like flowers, gardens, weddings, babies and kids, grand gestures, candles, rainbows, babbling brooks, waterfalls, gardens, castles, twinkly lights, and all that's glittery or sparkles.

I love exploring

As life goes on, I get "curiouser."

  • I love to read, especially biographies.
  • There is so much to learn and do and so little time!

I'm visual

  • I like photography and videography.
  • I love color.
  • I dig fashion and makeup.

Why am I here?

I have no clue, I just try to figure it out, as I go along. Every day, I try to be a better person than I was the day before. I try to find something new to learn, something old to be grateful for, and something current to enjoy. And I make time for cuddling with my dogs, every day.


Why a website?

Why not? Seems like a fun place to share my adventures and observations.